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Digital solutions in claims management

EMpower is a digital platform designed to improve the customer experience and enable workers, employers, and brokers to easily communicate and transact with EML.

It is a tool that offers a secure, single point of access to all policy and claims information for EML members.

The goal was to design an online web application and deliver self-service capabilities to injured workers, brokers, and employers, across all jurisdictions within which EML currently operates and potentially other business opportunities. 

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  • Claims manager support 

  • Reduced costs and resource time 

  • Reduced low value phone calls

  • Improved customer satisfaction 

  • Improved product offering for clients
    and market differentiation


  • Improve the look & feel of the platform 

  • Research

  • SWOT analysis 

  • Solution design,  based on user data and behaviour

  • Usability testing ( Qualitative ( 5 ) / Quantitative ( 20 ) 

  • User research ( Qualitative 12 ) 

  • Establishing usability and desirability measures

  • Ecosystem mapping


Looking at the future development the current Empower design doesn’t support responsive design solutions.

There was no established and acceptable measures of user experience, which is one of the most important goals, that ultimately support the different type of user goals and the business needs. 

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Platform Design Solutions


Dashboard future style 2.png
Eml dashboardsmall.png


Animation created by Valeria Magyar 

Reporting - Dashboard


Accessing multiple client’s data across 6+ claims management systems (CMS). Currently approx. 130+ bespoke reports are being produced for 15+ PI clients. Data accuracy and governance, cost effective reporting solutions and usability of the reporting are problematic.


  • ​Streamlined, centralised and consistent reporting

  • Reduced costs and resource time in
    report production

  • Reduced analyst resources in report production

  • Improved data accuracy

  • Improved product offering for clients and market

  • Real-time, on demand, anywhere, anytime, any
    device platform

  • Aim to replace core manual processes with a
    digital self service platform


  • Gaps in understanding of client needs and how these reports are used to make operational decisions within their organisations.

  • The format of reporting is increasingly not meeting the expectations of clients, compared to what may have been promised to them during tenders.

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