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The InnoWell Platform

Project Synergy, is a series of research trials led by the University of Sydney for clinical interventions and service models aided by technology in real world services, and measuring the impact on service quality. This project incorporates a range of apps and web-based tools that young people can use to manage their wellbeing and mental health.

One of these tools is the InnoWell platform, a configurable and customisable digital tool that assists in assessment, monitoring and management of mental ill health and maintenance of wellbeing. It does this by collecting, storing, and reporting health information back to the person and their clinicians to enable transformation to person-centred care. As part of a clinical staging stepped-care service model, its aim is to provide more personalised care by aligning the needs of the person to the appropriate level of intervention, while routinely monitoring clinical and functional outcomes. 

Vitality - InnoWell App UI design

New UX and UI

Platform users and functionalities

Individuals ( people seeking mental health care)

  • access mental health services online, anytime, anywhere.

  • create a profile

  • answer an initial survey

  • dashboard of results showcasing the Individual’s current state of mental and physical health 



Clinicians (people delivering mental health care with the Individual)

  • view and explore the Individual’s current state of health in advance of their first session,

  • determine the seniority and speciality of clinician in advance therefore reducing the average number of sessions required to reach an outcome with the Individual.

  •  real-time ,in-built telemedicine solution

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 10.29.44 am.png

"Individual" sitemap

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 10.28.03 am.png

"Clinician" sitemap



Experience of regional youth, families, clinicians and services from a regional township without a Headspace Centre

  • Understand the barriers and challenges for seeking mental health services in regional areas

  • Understand the barriers and challenges for Information Technology (IT) solutions in mental health for young people in regional areas

  • Gain insight into preferences for health and well-being technology, for young people, families and clinicians in a regional area  

  • Gain insight into how technology may assist with addressing barriers to mental health care

Research activities ( workshop ) 

  • Exploration
    - technology used for health and wellbeing
    - Describe the InnoWell Platform to participants, using printouts of user flows

  • Discovery
    Creating Personas: 
    Each group develops a persona of an individual, or clinician (  including: cultural background; age; needs; personal networks; service use; current education or vocation status; e-tool and app use; confidence with technology; regional factors (transport, location, nearby services, connectivity, confidentiality, culturally safe services, etc.) 

  • Prototyping

  • Evaluation

Old dashboard designs

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 8.44.40 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 8.45.00 am.png
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